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A warranty is a promise or guarantee made by a manufacturer or seller to repair or replace a product if it fails to perform as intended within a specified period. It provides consumers with assurance that their purchase is protected against defects or malfunctions, offering peace of mind and ensuring a certain level of quality. Warranties typically outline the terms and conditions under which the product will be repaired or replaced, including any limitations or exclusions.


  • A warranty covers missing parts and defects in the product during delivery.

  • This includes defects in manufacturing materials that result in a loss of functionality of the product.

  • It also covers instances where the product fails to correspond with the description in the applicable contract of sale at the time of delivery.

  • Parts covered by the warranty include the Polypropylene Frame, Aluminum Base, Lumbar Support, Gas Lift, Tilt Mechanism, Armrests Mechanism, and Wheels.

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What is excluded from the warranty?

• Damages caused by abusive actions resulting from the intended usage of the product.

• Normal wear and tear, including but not limited to cuts, degradation, scratches, or damage caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, or other acts of nature or external causes.

• Improper assembly, use, or care, contact with animals, site, or environmental conditions.

• Defects in a product that has been modified or altered and also uses any unauthorized components.

• Minor aesthetic and cosmetic abnormalities or variations that do not affect the functionality of the product.

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